Kubba Roonga Guesthouse

 a Peaceful Place at Blackheath in the heart of the World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park

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Hargraves Lookout is well known as a fantastic place to watch the sun set over the Megalong Valley, but what is less well known is that it can also be spectacular in the morning.

The four seasons at Kubba Roonga in Blackheath


In Spring the days slowly start to warm and colours suddenly appear everywhere! The season starts with delicate snow drops and the pastel colours of blossoming fruit trees. Bright yellow daffodills appear and the trees gain soft, baby green leaves. The rhododendrons and azaleas soon join in with a must-see riot of colour that lasts until early summer.

Spring is our favourite time of year - We spend all of spring walking around the streets with a camera, visiting the Rhododendron Gardens twice a week, and walking in the National Park.


We love summer in Blackheath! Summer in Blackheath is cooler here than most other regions (usually 8-10 degrees cooler than Sydney CBD), and never as humid as the coast. The days are long, and often the mist rolls in the evening. On evenings with no mist,  take cheese and biscuits into the National Park and watch the sun set over the valley.

There are many fantastic bushwalks nearby, some open, and some through cool and shady forest, and the summer wildflowers are a special treat. Special favourites are the Braeside Walk (an easy 2  hour return walk from the Guesthouse door to Bridal Veil Falls near Govett's Leap), the Grand Canyon Walk (a strenous 4 hour circuit walk along the cool green rim of Grand Canyon), and the Blue Gum Forest walk (a very strenuous all day walk through the stunning Blue Gum Forest).

Summer is also the height of canyoning season, which runs from mid-spring through to mid-autumn. The Guesthouse is conveniently located in the middle of the Blue Mountains canyoning area, which includes the Newnes Plateau (near Zig Zag Railway), Mt Wilson, the Grose Valley, and Wentworth Falls. Local adventure companies provide professional guided trips through many of the most popular canyons.


Autumn is perhaps the most magical time of year, with the turning of the leaves transforming every street into a kaleidascope of reds and yellows. We have never seen such dramatic colours as Blackheath when the leaves are dropping.

We get a lot of gorgeous warm still days, perfect for bushwalking, or golf, or sitting under the oak tree in the Guesthouse gardens with a good book.


We also get true winter weather chills, and there are many cold nights when the fire is lit in the Guesthouse lounge-room, perfect with a glass of complimentary port to warm up your tum, and fun chats with like-minded fellow travellers or holidayers.

Blackheath has a true winter, with cold days just made for roaring log fires during winter; with magical, surreal misty fogs that turn the village into an otherworld wonderland; and with occasional snow. Winter is one of the most popular times to visit.